Friday, December 17, 2010

My first taste of Minecraft PvP...

Well, that was a blast...

Shortly after crafting my first iron sword, equipped with a full set of iron armor and more than a grip of pork, I set out for my first taste of Minecraft PvP. Oh, what a joy.

First, I raided a huge square, stone house, floating high in the sky, having no idea who it belonged to. This guy had a chest with literally nothing in it except for an amusingly large collection of raw pork flanks. There was like a dozen of them; It was the most pork I'd ever seen in one place. So I hastily and giddily snatched them up.

I was about to leave... when I noticed that not one, not two, but three people had suddenly arrived below the house. Using Sun Tzu's strategy of funneling a greater number of enemies into a focused point, I waited for them to come up and poke a hole in the floor.

The first brave soul to breach the walls bore a diamond sword, but I had the advantage of height and a free range of motion, and after knocking him down a few times, he boldly died. I then heroically jumped down and dispatched with the other two, using my newly acquired ultimate weapon!

Man, my blood was pumping and the adrenaline was flowing! I hadn't been so riled up from a video game since bounty hunting player-Jedi in Pre-CU/NGE Star Wars Galaxies (when Jedi were rare, powerful, and extremely hard to become).

I was on my way back home when I saw someone else mining underground, and snuck up on him from behind. Score! Diamond shovel, diamond pick, obsidian, a bunch of redstone dust and iron. I frantically tried to make room in my inventory (all spoils), fearing that someone might come to take their revenge. After a bit of this, I heard water splashing and teleported home in panic.

A few people had become quite hot in chat by this point, and were trying to goad me into a rematch. My nerves were fried though, so I needed a breather. I cooked my pork over the fire, and rested up for the night, waiting for my hands to stop trembling. Finally, after stashing my spoils, I set out to for this most honorable rematch....

My safehouse is way far out, and in an effort to avoid being discovered, I circled around in my approach to the spawn point and our predesignated fighting ground, nearby.

After a while, my opponent, Bamfo, and an onlooker, Sniper11, met me. Bamfo came to win: He was decked out in full iron, iron sword, with a bow and a full stack of arrows. However, I had my sword out, and he seemed to prefer melee, as he charged head on. When he was about 5 paces away, I switched to my bow and unleashed a hellfire of missles upon him... this seemed to cause him to falter in his step, but he quickly returned with several blows which made me fear for my life. Swiftly chowing down on my grilled pork, I restored my health and then unsheathed my diamond sword...

Oh, sweet victory.

At the end of the day, I walked away with a kills/death ratio of 13/0 , and a huge mound of booty: 3 iron swords, multiple sets of armor, a ton of arrows, plus the aforementioned diamond gear, obsidian, redstone dust and iron ore...

What a rush! I'm still feeling pumped, haha.


Later that night, I returned to the house that was "floating high in the sky" (which belongs to Bamfo)...

Also, this:

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The game is finally entering Beta on December 20th, at which point the price will go up to  €14.95.

The PvP server I play on, which is, by far, the best I've found so far, can be reached at:


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