Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Burning In My Gut

There's been this little acidic fire in my tummy for over a week now. I wouldn't necessarily describe the sensation as painful, per se, but it is definitely unpleasant and it is always there. It feels much like I ate too many jalapeno peppers, only it never goes away.

Also, frankly, I'm not shitting very much. This makes me think it could be constipation, but I've never dealt with that before. I don't fully know what "constipation" truly entails. I always thought it just meant you couldn't take a poo, not that it also comes with a sensation.

I'm a little freaked out, because I've never had anything like this before. My mom called yesterday, and we talked about it, and she told me that my Uncle had an intestinal blockage that required surgery. My wife says that if it's a surgery; if it requires anesthesia, then it will always come with risks. Like, there's a super low chance that I could DIE. So she said maybe my Mom should come down and say her goodbyes, "Just in case?". What the fuck? Am I making something big out of nothing? Am I being a hypochondriac?

Well, I'm going to make a follow up appointment ASAP, since it's been 9 days now - and maybe end up getting a CT scan (which, thank god, is fully covered by my wife's awesome insurance). Wish me luck, send me vibes, pray for me, whatever. I'm suddenly feeling a lot worse. Bye for now.

UPDATE: Temperature was a little low, at 95.5, but the doctor and nurse felt that was completely within tolerable limits. I had blood drawn, my abdomen x-rayed, and was given over the counter generic Prilosec. Will know results tomorrow.

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