Monday, September 27, 2010

If one enlists in the military as a medic, and fills this role in war, ultimately, do you think they are helping, or harming?

An Army Medic, who is both an armed solider and a healer: Is he part of a problem, or of a solution?

Some may say he is fulfilling a support role, or in other words, helping to 'enable' the combat. Imagine a branch of armed forces without healthcare. Would anyone join them? Would wars be fought if the soldiers knew no help was available to them?

Yet I don't think wounded soldiers generally return to battle, at least not immediately, and I don't believe that saving lives or aiding the hurt could ever be considered innately wrong.

What about a United Nations medic? They are supposed to be neutral peacekeepers, but they could also be considered a resource.

I'd like to hear other's thoughts on this matter.

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